Intellectual Property Rights- Use of Consent Forms and Protecting Your Rights

Use of consent forms

Any time that you are using the likeness of others in a project, you must make sure that you obtain that person’s prior written consent. A consent form will clearly identify the purpose of the project; the intended use of the images or videos recorded; and the rights associated with use, by both the recorder and the recorded subject.

Faculty seeking to use student assignments as examples in class or in future classes will need permission from the student to do so.

Note: Both Student Work and General Consent Forms are available for you to use.


Protecting your rights

While it is important to seek the permission of others when using their work in your own capacity, it is equally important to retain rights to your creative works. Make sure that you read all requests for use of your work carefully and negotiate with the requestor regarding any terms of use you are not comfortable with as stated. As creator of the work, you have sole discretion on how it is used and by whom. Exercise your rights as copyright holder!


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