Running a Report in Cognos

Run a report by clicking on the report name:

Select any report parameters and click 'Next' or 'Finish' (depending on the report):

Once you've run a report, you can run the report again in two ways:

Method 1: Reset prompts and run. NOTE: The name is misleading, the prompts will have your previous selections still selected. From the report view, click the Run icon in the upper left and click Reset prompts and run:

Method 2: Close and reopen the report. From the report switcher at the top of the window (see screenshot below), click the X to close the report you are in. You can then reopen the report from the home screen (it will be in your recently run reports) or from the navigation menu.

Report Switcher

As you run reports, they will be accessible through the report switcher. To navigate between open reports, click the down arrow at the top center of the window:

The report you are currently viewing is shaded. Select to navigate to another open report, or back to the welcome page. Click the X to close any open reports.

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