Store Template Setup - New Layout

Step One: Under your store settings click on “Store Template Setup NEW!”

  • Chose the New version “Designer: Fixed Width”
    • Click in “Edit” next to the “Current” box (If it does not say current notify the PMO team)

Step Two: Add your information in “General Layout”

  1. Click in Hero: Here you can add the main picture(s) of your page.

  • You have the option to have one picture (off) or a carousel (on).


* You can have up to 5 pictures in the carousel. All pictures should be the same size. Recommended dimensions W x H: 1140 x 320 pixels / Formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG /250K Maximum size

  • Add image (s)
    • You can add a link for your images that direct to the URL you want outside your page or a specific product in your store.

    • Add an “Alternate text” for the picture. (This is a required ADA field)

    • Upload Image (See recommended dimensions *) 




  • Follow the same process for all the pictures (keep consistent the size)

2. Click on Feature (New Feature)

*The features fields are optional; however, these fields are potentially powerful. you can use these fields to add content to a store's home page. This content might consist of a simple text message for your customers or it might include more complex formatting. 

  • Select “Section layout”  (You can choose 1, 2, or 3)
  • Enter Feature Custom Content (s)
    • You can design your text in word and copy paste in this section. Please note that some word formats (fonts, layouts, etc.) may not be supported.  
  1. Click on Curtain Nav

    • Add the email address on the “Contact us” (This is the email behind the “Contact Us” button on your store page.)

    • Enter your return policy, if you have one

    • Select "No" on Show Shipping Rate Info unless you are shipping physical products.


Step Three: Click on “Single Store Layout”

  1. Global NavBar

    • Verify the items are set as follows:

  1. Single Store Header

    • You can enter text in “Enter Custom Content” to show up at the top of your home page.

  2. Single Store Footer

    • You can enter text in “Enter Custom Content” to show up at the bottom of your page.

  1. Global Footer

    • Add your Social Media URLs here (Ex.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  1. Curtain Nav

    • You can add the following  or keep them off

Step Four: Click on “Single Store Branding”

  1. In the right corner, make sure it has the Saint Joseph’s University Mall Branding.

Note: Besides that, do NOT change anything in “Single Store Branding”


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