Faculty and staff - How to install Adobe Creative Cloud apps

What changes should you expect with Adobe Creative Cloud applications?

Any University computer that is issued to a single user (for example, the laptop you receive is only used by you), requires the use of the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app, which will also require the user to log into using their SJU email address and password.  Once you've authenticated with your SJU credentials, you will then be able to download and install any of the Adobe applications that the University is entitled to.  If you're using a general use or student worker computer, you will need to submit a ticket requesting specific Adobe applications to be installed by OIT

The following guide will help walk you through the process for both PC's and Mac's.  

How can you tell if you already have the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app?

On Windows 10:

  • Click on your Start menu and look for "Adobe Creative Cloud". You will see a shortcut like the one pictured below if it's installed:

On macOS:

  • Towards the top, right corner of your Finder, look for this icon:


What if I don't have the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app?

  • For both Windows and macOS, you will be able to install the Adobe CCDA by opening your Workspace One Intelligent Hub.  Instructions for using SJU's App Catalog and installing software on-demand can be found here.

What's next?

Once you launch the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app, you'll be presented with the following:

If you choose the option to login with Google or Facebook, you will not be able to access SJU provided software.

  • Enter your SJU email address.  It will automatically cause this screen to appear:

  • Click "Enterprise ID".
    • NOTE - if you also use a personal Adobe ID, you can select "Adobe ID", but you will not have access to use any of the software that is provided through SJU's licensing.  
  • You will then be redirected to sign into the SJU login page:

  • Enter your SJU passsword.  
  • Click "Sign In" or hit Enter/Return on your keyboard.
  • You'll also be prompted if you'd like to stay signed in. If this is a public or lab machine, it's recommend that you click No.
  • Once successfully logged in, you will be presented with a similar screen shown below:

  • This is where you can select any of the Creative Cloud applications that are available to open or install on your SJU issued computer.  You will also be able to perform updates to newer versions once they become available through this app.


What are we entitled to use through our University Adobe Creative Cloud license?

Please click here for our list of available desktop and cloud apps.


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