How to Submit a Project Request


How to Submit a Project Request


1. Navigate to the Service Catalog and confirm you are logged in.  If you see your name on the top right of the screen, you ready to proceed.  If not, you will see “Sign In”.  Once logged in, click on the “Projects” category.


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2. Select the “Office of Information Technology Project Request” service.

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3. After reviewing the service description, including how a project is defined, click “Submit Project Request”.


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4. Complete all the required fields on the request form.  You’ll notice that some are automatically pre-populated.  If you wish to complete the form at a later date, click “Save” and the draft will be saved for your return.  If you have completed all the required information and are ready to continue, select “Mark Complete”.


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5.You will now see a “Business Case” window on the left.  This section alerts you to the progress of your submission.  If you must make changes to a section you previously completed, at any time select “Mark Incomplete” and make any necessary changes.  Once the general section is complete, select “Files” in the Business Case window.


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6. Upload any files that are pertinent to your request.  Once uploaded, select “Mark Complete”.  You are not required to add any files, but you must acknowledge your review by marking the Files section complete.  You may now proceed to the “Review and Submit” section in the Business Case window.


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7.If at any time, you are any confused as to the status of your submission, look in the top right corner.  If you have not fully submitted your request, you will see “Not Submitted”.  Conversely, after you have completed submission, you will see “Submitted”.  Now, after your final review, you may select “Submit” to send your request to IT.

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8. You will be prompted to confirm the submission of your request.  Select ‘OK’ if you are ready to process



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9.When have completed submission of your request, you will be provided with a “Request Submitted Successfully” screen.  At this point, your request has been fully submitted for review.

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At this point, the project is submitted and will be evaluated by IT.  If you have any changes that should be noted, please contact someone in the Project Management Office.  You can monitor the status of your request at any time by visiting the Client Portal and selecting the “Project Requests” section.  If the project is fully approved, the status will then be visible in the “Projects” section.





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