What is Code42?

What is Code42?

Code42 (sometimes referred to by its previous name, CrashPlan) is an online backup service that is deployed to SJU-issued computers by the Office of Information Technology.  Code42 will be installed on all full-time faculty and staff computers, as well as other machines that may have a need for an automated backup solution.

What are the benefits of OIT installing Code42 on my SJU-issued computer?

OIT has invested in Code42 as cloud-based backup solution in order to provide a secure, encrypted location to back up all of the data from your computer.  This cloud-based solution is replacing external hard drives that can be lost or stolen and will allow IT Technicians to quickly and easily restore your data when your computer is replaced or damaged.

What does Code42 look like on my computer?

On both Windows and macOS, if you have Code42 installed, it will appear in your menubar / taskbar like this:

Clicking the icon allows you to see the status of your backup, as well as to launch the full application. For more information on how to use the Code42 application, please see this documentation.

Why am I receiving emails from Code42?

If you haven't backed up your computer for a while, Code42 will send you an email to notify you. Those emails will look like this:

If you haven't used your computer recently, you can safely ignore this message. If you have been using your computer, though, please submit a ticket so we can troubleshoot why your computer is not successfully backing up.


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