How do I Submit Grades in The Nest?


How do I Submit Grades in The Nest?

Submitting Midterm Grades/ Final Grades

Log into The Nest and then click on the Faculty link in the top right corner.

Under Faculty Resources, select Faculty Dashboard.

Under the Course Tools section, click on Faculty Grade Entry

Click on the class you wish to enter grades on to display the class list. Please note, you must be the primary instructor on the course in order to submit grades.

Select the Midterm Grade tab or Final Grade Tab depending on which you are entering.   If you get a read only error, make sure that you have the correct tab selected.

Note: If your browser window is big enough, when you select the midterm grade tab, it will bring up the  list of students below the class information. However, if your browser window is small, it displays a “Student Roster” button instead. You have to click “Student Roster" to display the list of students.

Enter grades for students and make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to check for additional pages and to click Save.  A list of grades can be found in the catalog.


Grades will automatically roll to academic history twice a day at 8am and 6pm. Faculty do not need to roll the final grades.  If you need a grade changed after it has rolled, please submit a grade change request:



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