General Federal Grant Question

What is it?

Grants: Financial aid that doesn't have to be repaid (unless, for example, you withdraw from school and owe a refund).

Pell: A grant primarily for low-income students who haven't already received a post-secondary degree.

SEOG: The Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, reserved for college students with the greatest need for financial aid to attend school.

Who can use it?

Because the Pell Grant is a federal aid program, you need to meet basic eligibility for federal student aid in order to be considered for the Pell. There are a lot of complicated-seeming requirements, so we put together two lists that describe everything you need before applying to aid.

You need to check off every item on List #1, and only one item on List #2. 

List #1 – have a high school diploma, GED or approved homeschool education; be enrolled or accepted in an eligible degree/certificate program; be registered with Selective Service; if you are male and between 18-25 years old; have a valid social security number (unless you are from the Marshall Islands, Federal States of Micronesia, or the Republic of Palau; sign statements on the FAFSA that you’re not in default and do not owe refund money on a federal student loan and you’ll only use federal aid money to help pay for your education; maintain “satisfactory” progress in school.

List #2 - In addition to the items listed above, you must be able to check ONE of the following: - Be a US Citizen or US national; have a green card; have an arrival-departure record; have battered immigrant status; have a T-Visa.

Where can I access this service?

To determine eligibility, a student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each academic year.  If eligible for federal grants, they will appear on the official financial aid award letter.

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