Cannot Accept Aid Online

What is it?

Students have the ability to view and accept/decline their financial aid award on their Nest account. It is at the discretion of the student to accept/decline in full or partial amounts of their award. Below are the steps to accept/decline the financial aid award.

  • Log into The Nest
  • Go to the Tuition & Aid Page
  • Select: Accept/Decline Financial Aid Award (Right side of the page)
  • Select "Award"
  •  Select "Award Aid by Year"
    • Select appropriate aid year
    • You will need to read each tab before you can accept award offer
      • Select "Resources/Additional Information" tab and complete the Cash Management Statement.
      • Select "Terms and Conditions" tab
        • Only if you are selected for verification will you need to accept the statement before you can accept your aid.
      • Select "Accept Award Offer" tab

Who can use it?

All students can use this service.

Where can I access this service?

Please use the Request Service button or view our related articles on the right hand side of this page.


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