General State Grant Question

What is it?

The Pennsylvania State Grant Program is a financial assistance program that provides funding to eligible Pennsylvanians and helps them afford the costs of higher education at the undergraduate level.

PHEAA administers the Pennsylvania State Grant Program at no cost to taxpayers, ensuring that every dollar appropriated to the program goes directly to students.

Funding for the Pennsylvania State Grant Program may be paid in part or in whole by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Who can use it?

You may be eligible if you demonstrate financial need and meet specific requirements.

  • Are a high school graduate as stipulated in the Pennsylvania State Grant law
  • Attend a postsecondary school approved by PHEAA for Pennsylvania State Grant purposes
  • Are enrolled at least half-time (defined as at least six semester credits but less than 12 semester credits per semester, or the equivalent)
  • Be unconditionally admitted and enrolled in an approved program of study of at least 2 academic years in length
  • Are enrolled in a program of study where at least 50% of the total credit or clock hours needed for completion of the program are earned through classroom instruction:
    • The program itself must be structured to allow you to complete at least 50% of your credits or clock hours in the classroom.
    • Your enrollment pattern by term must also consist of at least 50% classroom instruction (unless you have a medical disability(PDF)).
  • Have made satisfactory academic progress (as defined by PHEAA)
  • Not have already earned a bachelor's degree or its equivalent
  • Are a Pennsylvania resident, as stipulated in the Pennsylvania State Grant law
  • Are of satisfactory character (for example, not be incarcerated)
  • Not have received the maximum number of Pennsylvania State Grants permitted
  • Not be in default or pending default on an educational loan. This also applies to any program where the award has been converted to a loan and the loan is in a default status.
  • File and complete the application process by the appropriate deadlines

Where can I access this service?

Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency


Step 1 – Fill out the FAFSA

Step 2 – Apply for the State Grant by completing the State Grant Form

Step 3 – Print, sign and mail the last page of yoru Pennsylvania State Grant From to PHEAA, verifying that you have read the Rights and Responsibilities Certification Document (PDF).


Other State Grants – If you live/completed high school outside Pennsylvania, please check with your State Higher Educational Assistance Agency for procedures and deadlines.

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