A short description to explain the nature of a ticket.
Student name if different than requester.
Your 8 digit ID number located on student ID card.
Example: DPT 501 Human Anatomy
Example: Summer 2022, Fall 2022, Intersession 2023, Spring 2023
Example: Summer 2023, Fall 2023, Intersession 2024, Spring 2025
Upload one reflection letter. Identify the issue(s) which contributed to your academic struggles and how you have or plan to address them to increase your chances of success in the program should you be readmitted.
Upload 2 letters of reference.

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If re-admitted, I agree to the following conditions:
  1. I agree to pay the relevant tuition and fees for the course in which I need to repeat.
  2. I will meet with a representative from financial aid to understand the financial ramifications of rejoining the program within two weeks of being readmitted.
  3. I have read the policy and procedure manual for the Department of Physical Therapy and agree to abide by such policies.
  4. I have read and agree to the terms outlined in the Technical Standards.
  5. I have read the academic honest policy and agree to its terms.
  6. I will contact the clinical education team within two weeks of being readmitted, to learn about required clearances and forms and agree to abide by the deadlines.

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