When will I receive my refund?

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Refunding of credit balances from federal aid will begin after the add/drop period, which is approximately 2 weeks after each semester begins.  Please note: beginning fall 2019, for students enrolled for only 3 credits in module 1 and 3 credits in module 2, loans will not disburse until after the drop/add period for the module 2 course.  Then, refunds will be processed within 10 business days.  Paper checks will be sent to the permanent home address unless direct deposit is set up through The Nest: How can I sign up for Direct Deposit for my Tuition Account Refund?

If you have direct deposit, you will receive an email notification once your refund is processed. If you are not enrolled in direct deposit, a paper check will be mailed to your permanent address on file the following week. We highly encourage all students to enroll in direct deposit through The Nest, as this will aid you in getting your refund faster.

Please expect a minimum of 10 business days to process all tuition account refunds. Tuition credit balances resulting from an overpayment of a personal check will require 30 days wait period before the tuition account refund process begins.

Saint Joseph's University processes refunds to students for the following reasons:

  • When a student's total payments (from federal aid, scholarships, out-of-pocket payments, etc.) exceed their total charges.
  • When a student has paid their tuition account and withdrawals from courses during the refund period.
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