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How do I connect my game console, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc. to the SJU wireless network.

Getting your gaming systems, streaming devices and smart TV connected to the sjudpsk wireless network

You can obtain your unique key for the sjudpsk wireless network instantly once you complete this self registration process below.  The process can be completed on any device that has an internet connection.  The generated keys can then be used on your gaming system, streaming device(s) or smart TV.  Please remember each device requires its own unique network key.  You can request up to 4 keys registered to your SJU username. You will have to repeat this process each time you want to add a new device to the network. For example, if you have an Xbox, a Wii, and a Apple TV you will have to go through this self registration process three times.

If you are trying to connect your laptop to the wireless network, please use the sjuwireless network.  Here are instructions for configuring it on your laptop.

To skip this self registration process and request a key from the TSC, please visit our Service Catalog to submit your request. Please indicate if you need more than one key when submitting your request.  As always, if you have any problems, please contact the TSC!

SJUDPSK Self registration process

  1. Students, from your dorm room, open your internet browser and navigate to
  2. Instructors, if need a key for a classroom building, please visit
  3. Enter your SJU username and password then click Log In.

3. If you are directed to this page, click Cancel.

4. After you hit Cancel you are brought to the set up window below. Click the link at the bottom that reads 'click here" to manually set up your wireless access.

5. On this page you will find your unique Network key, this is what you will plug into the sjudpsk wireless network and add your device to the network. This process will need to be repeated for each device (up to 5 devices).

If you experience any problems with the self registration process or with the key you have been provided, please let us know by visiting our Service Catalog to submit your request.

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