How to add a Vista Higher leaning link into your Canvas Course

  1. Go to the Modules page and click to open the +Module button.


  1. On the “Add Module” dialog that opens, type the name of your new module. We recommend using the name chosen on Step 7 - “Add App” dialog - “Vista Higher Learning”.


  1. Click the “Add Module” button.


  1. Click on the “+” sign/button located on the right-side of your new Module.

  1. From the “Add Item …” drop-down menu, select the “External Tool” option.


  1. Click the “Vista Higher Learning” external tool.



  1. Check the “Load in a new tab” check box.


  1. Click on the “Add Item” button. This will add the Vista Higher Learning tool to the module.


NOTE: To enable or publish the new External Tool, click the circle-backslash icon “ ”. This will display a green circle check mark icon.


  1. Click the Vista Higher Learning external tool.


  1. You then see a button for loading Vista Higher Learning in a new tab/window. Click on it to access the VHL Central site.


Accessing the VHL Site as an Instructor


If this is the first time you are accessing the VHL site from Canvas, you will need to enter your login information for a VHL Central instructor account in order to link the two accounts. If you do not yet have a VHL Central account, you will need to contact your VHL Modern Language Specialist to have a VHL Central account setup.


After your VHL Central and Canvas accounts are linked, you will not need to login to VHL Central when entering the course from Canvas.

After logging in the first time (or using either the VHL Central navigational menu button or the VHL Central module option on subsequent occasions), you will be taken to the Course Connector page to link a Canvas course to a VHL course section.


The Course Connector page lists all courses/sections created within the Vista Higher Learning titles associated with your VHL Central account. Select the VHL course/section you wish to link to from there and


Selecting Course/Section on the Course Connector page

  1. Select radio button next to the course/section you wish to link.


  1. Click on the “LINK THIS SECTION” button.


  1. This will complete the linking process. You with then be directed either to a blank Canvas page or back to your Canvas modules page.


NOTE: If you get the blank Canvas page just close that tab and go back to the other browser tab that should still have a Canvas page on it (otherwise just re-enter Canvas as you normally would).


  1. From now on use your chosen VHL linking option Canvas (Either the VHL Central button on the navigational menu or the Vista Higher Learning module item) to re-access the VHL site. You now should be taken directly to your VHL Central page and where you will see an option called “View/Edit LMS partner links” under the My Programs area.


Course/Section not available on the Course Connector page


  1. Click the VHL Central link, located on the top left side of the Course Connector page.


  1. On your VHL Central home page, click on the image of the book to access your instructor dashboard.


  1. Create your new course and section(s).


  1. When finished, log out of your VHL Central/Supersite account and close the browser tab.


  1. Refresh the “Vista Higher Learning” external tool tab/window to have the “Loading Vista Higher Learning in a new window” button available. (If you chose to put the VHL Central button on the Canvas navigation menu you can just click on that to access the VHL site and skip to step 7 below).


  1. Click on the “Loading Vista Higher Learning in a new window” button.


  1. The Course Connector page will reopen for you. New course/section will be available within the Course Connector page.


  1. Select radio button next to the course/section you wish to link.


  1. Click on the “LINK THIS SECTION” button.


Partner Link Summary page – Unlink course sections


  1. In your VHL Central home page, click on the “View/Edit LMS partner links” link. This will open the Partner Link Summary page.


  1. On the Partner Link Summary page, click on “Unlink” to disconnect course/section.

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