Canvas is SJU's Learning Management System! Information on support and getting started can be found here.

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Getting Started with Canvas (Faculty)

A full list of all of our available Asynchronous Canvas Training.

Getting Started with Canvas (Students)

How to's, best practices, and additional resources to get you comfortable using Canvas!

New Features in Canvas

What is new in Canvas? Updated 01/21.

Tools Available in Canvas

Looking to record or upload video? Need to set up an exam? Find out more about the tools in Canvas.

Using Publisher Resources in Canvas

Find out how to integrate approved publisher portals into your Canvas course.

Grading in Canvas

How to's and guidance on how grading works in Canvas.

Canvas Commons

Find, import, and share learning resources with other instructors at SJU.

Managing Canvas

Copy course content, create sandbox courses and utilize other settings to help administer your Canvas courses.

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Pinned Article Academic Technology Support Schedule

Open support sessions are available to everyone within the SJU community. Check out our hours!

Pinned Article How do I get Canvas Support?

For immediate, 24/7 assistance with Canvas, please call 610-660-2920, Option 2.

Pinned Article Status Pages: Canvas and Canvas integrated tools

Having trouble with Canvas or a tool within Canvas? Check to see if there is an outage or issue!

How to Reset or Disable New Quizzes in Canvas

To reset or disable the new quiz option in a course, the faculty member will need to go to the course link for Settings.  Then the "Features" Tab and click the green check box next to New Quizzes.  Turning off New quizzes at the course level will override the ability to create quizzes of the "New Quiz" type in that course.  It will not impact existing quizzes "New" or "Classic."