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Send mail from an alias (persona) in Outlook.
Tips, best practices, and support resources for Canvas, D2L, Zoom, and Google.
Google limits the number of messages a user can send in a day, and the number of recipients per message. This article details these policies as enforced by Google.
Google Drive is a cloud storage service available to Saint Joseph’s University faculty, staff, and students. This article elaborates on information that is prohibited from being shared in Google Apps.
Write now, send later with Schedule send in Gmail. Just write your email as you normally would, then schedule it to be sent at a more appropriate date or time. This gives you greater control, allowing you to shift your work time to wherever and whenever is most convenient to you and your recipients.
Instructions for how to add an image into your email signature
You can add Google files to your Canvas course in one of two ways: link to the Google file or embed the file using the Google Assignments learning tool.
This article provides a few workarounds for an issue Google introduced with their new version of Chrome. This only applies to users who are printing to the "HawkPrint" printer/queue and also running version 80 of Google Chrome.
Sync your Google and Starfish calendars to streamline the appointment scheduling process and avoid duplicative work.