Google Drive for Desktop

Google offers a desktop application for Windows and macOS called "Google Drive for Desktop" or simply "Google Drive", which allows you to stream files from Google Drive directly to your computer from the cloud without the need to navigate to the website.
** From July 2021, Google Drive for Desktop combined the functionality of Google's previous desktop applications, Drive File Stream and Google Backup & Sync.

You can download and install Google Drive for Desktop here:

By using Google Drive for Desktop, you have access to these features and benefits:

  • Open files from your Google "My Drive" and "Shared Drives" directly from your computer.
    • Files are streamed from the cloud, preventing data loss in the event of computer failure.
    • Uses native applications, such as Microsoft Word for .doc files, Adobe Acrobat for .pdf files, etc.
  • Free up storage space on your computer by moving files into Google Drive.
    • Cached copies of file and folders are stored on your computer only as needed.
  • Make files available without an internet connection by right-clicking a file or folder and selecting "Available Offline".
    • Copies of these files and folders will always be saved to your computer and uploaded/synced to Google when an internet connection is available.
  • Access the same files on multiple devices via the Google Drive app or

You can find more information and documentation from Google's support page:


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