Includes Email, Phones, Conferencing, and Collaboration solutions.

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SJU Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a set of integrated collaboration and productivity tools which include email, calendaring, document sharing, cloud-based storage, and more.

Web Conferencing

Information and best practices for using Zoom.

Phones, Voicemail & Audio Conferencing

Phone & Voicemail support articles.

Articles (4)

How to access and manage delegated

This article goes into detail about how to access and manage delegated emails.

How to ensure your scanned documents are not being marked as SPAM

This article will walk you through looking for scanned documents that may be sent to your Spam mailbox, rather than your inbox. It will also walk you through creating a filter so that scanned documents from this specific printer will always arrive in your Inbox.

Local Mailbox is Full

This article aims to show Outlook users how to increase their local storage capacity