Information and best practices for using Zoom.

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Zoom Getting Started

Logging in, launching the Zoom application, and getting Zoom support

Zoom in the Classroom

Consent to be recorded, Zoom on a podium, and Kaltura information

Engaging with Zoom

You can use the features of Zoom to guide different types of interactive activities. These activities offer variety to break up a long class session, and they offer different means of expression.

Technical Issues

Best Practices and System Requirements

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Problems when two or more overlapping meetings have been scheduled by a single Zoom Account

For Zoom meetings, the meeting owner is the user who either schedules the meeting or has it scheduled on their behalf. The meeting owner also owns any cloud recording of the meeting.

Zoom does not allow users to own two or more meetings that occur at the same time. This situation might occur when a user schedules multiple meetings, some of which take place in the same or overlapping time slots.

Zoom Non-Verbal Reactions Update

Attention!! There has been a change to Non-verbal Reactions and informal polling.