Zoom Meeting Passwords

On May 30th, 2020, Zoom will begin requiring passwords for all Zoom meetings, PMI (Personal Meeting ID) meetings, and Zoom Webinars.

We recommend that you proactively turn these controls on so that you will be able to continue to use Zoom without interruption.

Previously Scheduled Zoom Meetings

When you log into sju.zoom.us, you will notice a new warning on your scheduled meetings; "denotes no password".  If you do not already have passwords set for your previously scheduled meetings, we recommend deleting the existing meeting and scheduling a new meeting and re-sending the invite to your participants.

To resolve this error:

  • Click the Meeting Name/Topic
  • Scroll down and Click "Edit this Meeting"
  • Click Require Meeting Password (one will auto fill or you can manually enter one of your choice)
  • Scroll down and Click the red "Save" button
  • Once you've set a password, you will need to provide it to your meeting invitees


Scheduled Zoom Meetings

Meetings scheduled using the room's scheduling display will use a randomly-generated password. To turn on required passwords for your scheduled Zoom meetings, you will need to access your Zoom settings at sju.zoom.us.  

Go to your Personal Settings and make sure you have turned on both settings shown below:

By embedding the password in the invite link, your guests will not need to manually enter the password. 

PMI (Personal Meeting ID) Meetings

Instant meetings will use a randomly-generated meeting password.  At sju.zoom.us, go to your Personal Settings and ensure the following options are turned on:


Zoom Meetings with Chrome Calendar Add-On

If you are using the Zoom Chrome Add-On to schedule Zoom meetings on your Google Calendar, you will need to turn on the password settings.  The Chrome extension scheduling options can be displayed each time you schedule a meeting, or you can automatically schedule the meeting with the settings as your last meeting scheduled with the extension. 

For full instructions on using the Zoom Add-on for Chrome, please click here.

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