How create links to other slides within your Google Slide presentation

You can easily add links within your Google Slides presentations that will take you directly to other slides instantly. These links don’t have to be just text links, either—you can link almost anything in your presentation like shapes, images, icons, videos, etc.

  • Open Google Slides and go to the slide where you want to insert your link.

  • If you haven’t already, insert the text or object that you want to click to move to your linked slide.

  • Select the text or object you will use for your link.

  • Right-click the text or object and select Link, or press Ctrl+K on Windows or Cmd+K on Mac, or go to Insert menu, and select Link.

Insert Link screenshot

  • To link to another slide, select the option Slides in This Presentation.

Slides in this Presentation option

  • Select one of the options. To choose a slide to link to, click on the appropriate slide from the list.

Select the desired slide

  • Your link is now created.

newly created link

  • Repeat the linking process for every button needed. 

  • Once all of your links have been created, select all of the buttons, then copy and paste the buttons to each subsequent slide.

  • When playing your presentation, click on the object that you added the link to, and you’ll be taken straight to the appropriate slide.



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