Student Zoom Tip Sheet

Zoom Strategies

Student tips for attending class via Zoom.

Before Class

  • Communicate with your roommates what location you are planning to Zoom from.
  • Make sure you have a designated location that allows you to sit down and take notes.
  • Have your computer fully charged or make sure you are in a location with access to an outlet.
  • Don't Zoom from bed.
  • Communicate with your professor if you have an in-person class prior that you may be running late from attending.
  • Review the course syllabus for course expectations and ways to participate in Zoom.

During Class

  • Follow the course and Zoom expectations listed in the syllabus or ask your instructor about expectations for participating in Zoom.
  • Don't hesitate to type in the chat or unmute to tell the professor when they have technical difficulties (screen isn't shared, can't hear a video playing, etc.).
  • Make sure you are muted unless asking a question.
  • Remember that professors want online students to participate as well. If possible, consider participating or asking questions with the chat function. You may also be able to unmute yourself to ask a question.
  • When taking an assessment on Respondus, make sure you understand all of the guidelines set out before starting your exam.
  • If you don't do it in class, don't do it on Zoom.

After Class

  • If there were technical issues, reach out to your professor.
  • Make sure you communicate with your roommates, professors, and classmates to ensure everyone is on the same page for a successful semester.


Tips authored by Emma Gugliemini

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