Softphone Installation

**Please note this will require VPN access with your user account added to the special rules for softphone usage.**

Click here to learn more about VPN access.

1. Download the appropriate file by clicking on the link below. 

2. Unzip the file to your desktop (or desired folder).

3. Run the setup.exe file.

  • Select English as the language. Click OK.
  • Welcome to the Install Shield Wizard... Click Next to continue.
  • Accept the agreement. Click Next.
  • Select UNIVERGE SV9500/SV8500/SV7000. Click Next.
  • Select regular version. Click Next.
  • Install in default folder. Click Next.
  • Leave “Enable Softphone Plug-in” unselected. (It can be added later, if needed). Click Next.
  • Leave “Create shortcut on my desktop” selected. Deselect “Run SP350 on startup”. (This can be added later.) Click Next.
  • Select “Standard Panel”. Click Next.

4. Click Finish to restart your PC.

5. After restart, double-click on the SP350 App icon on desktop to load the configuration file.

  • When SP350 Wizard screen opens, select “Load Configuration File” and click Next.
  • Select sju-standard-config.ini for standard Dterm phone from the "SP350 Standard Installation" folder. (If you are using an ACD phone [call centers] select the sju-acd-config.ini file from the "SP350 ACD Installation" folder).
  • Select a headset, or you may use the built-in speaker and microphone. You will see a message regarding use of USB Handset / USB Headset. You may need to assign a default device for the laptop.
  • If no audio device is connected and the error message appears, just click OK for now.
  • To login, enter your 4-digit campus extension number and the password given to you by OIT/Telecom.
  • You can connect your headset or other device now.


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