Set / reset your SJU Password

Your SJU Password will give you access to services such as:

If you are a student from the Lancaster Location and have a legacy account still, please visit this article.  This is only for active students prior to the Fall 2024 semester. 


Everyone with an SJU account will also need to enroll in Azure Multi-Factor Authentication. Please ensure you've done this as part of the account creation process.

You can reset your password at the Microsoft password reset link.  If you are new to SJU, your username has been sent to the personal email address you provided when you were either enrolling or going through the hiring process.

Passwords are required to be reset once per year. You will receive an email 14 days, and also 7 days, prior reminding you to reset your password.  Once you reset your password, this will update your password for all SJU services within 2 minutes.

Once your password is reset, please be sure to forget saved wireless networks (SJU Wireless and/or Eduroam) on your laptop and mobile devices and reconnect to those networks with your new password. Failure to do so could cause your account to become locked. 

Click here to reset password.


You will need to provide either an authentication email or your mobile phone number in order to reset your password. This is used for recovery of your SJU account.

  1. To reset your password, use the Microsoft password reset link
  2. Once you have clicked that link, you will be asked to provide your SJU email address and complete the captcha.
    Microsoft password reset email and captcha
  3. Choose the contact method in order to verify your identity.
  4. Enter the verification code you have been provided and click next.
  5. Enter and confirm your new password and click finish.

Password Criteria

Your SJU password must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 256 characters
  • Requires the following:
    • Lowercase characters
    • Uppercase characters
    • Numbers (0-9)
  • Special characters are optional but not required to be used in your password
  • The last password cannot be used again when a user changes a password
  • You cannot use any part of your name or SJU username within your password

Banned Passwords

If you attempt to create a password that contains commonly used words, dates, or other phrases, you will receive one of the following error messages:

  • Unfortunately, your password contains a word, phrase, or pattern that makes your password easily guessable. Please try again with a different password.
  • Unfortunately, you can't use that password because it contains words or characters that have been blocked by your administrator. Please try again with a different password.

We recommend that you use a Passphrase generator like the one found here. 

If you have a problem resetting your password, please follow this link to report a problem with your account to the TSC.

Multi-Factor Authentication 

Enroll in Azure Multi-Factor Authentication 

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