Adding Google Drive Files to your Course

You can add Google files to your Canvas course in one of two ways: link to the Google file or embed the file using the Google Assignments learning tool. Google files can be added into any area of a Canvas course using the Rich Content Editor, including pages, assignments, quizzes, discussions, and announcements. Linked and embedded files do not contribute towards the Canvas file storage limit, and if changes are made to files in Google Drive, they will automatically update in the Canvas course.

Instructional Use Cases

  • Link to a case study in Google Doc for students to review before a class discussion.
  • Link to a Google file as a template to customize for an assignment.
  • Embed a Google Slides presentation to a page instead of uploading the file to your course.
  • Embed a Google file in multiple courses or sections.

Embed content from Google to a page with the Rich Content Editor using the instructions in the following article under Embed Drive Files with the Rich Content Editor:

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