These resources are a starting point for instructors who are new to using Canvas.

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Modules are used to organize course content.


A place to upload and store content (Word docs, PPT’s, images, etc.) on Canvas.


Create a Page to write text, embed links & videos, and organize content.


Graded activities where students communicate with each other and the instructor.


Quizzes are graded assessments.


Assignments refer to any type of graded content. This includes submissions (like an essay), discussions, and quizzes.


The grade book is automatically populated by the assignments that have been created.

Part Two - Additional Canvas Tools

Use these resources to understand all the tools Canvas has to offer. Implementing these tools can lead to an improved student experience as well as additional ease of use for instructors.

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Pinned Article Access Canvas

You can access Canvas directly by visiting or and logging in using your SJU credentials.

Pinned Article Destination: Canvas - Asynchronous Training Videos

These short video tutorials are a starting point for instructors who are new to using Canvas. In the Canvas Training Part 1 playlist, you will be guided through the Canvas Dashboard, Modules, Files, Pages, Discussions, Quizzes, Assignments, Grades, Speed Grader, and Student View.

Pinned Article Importing a Course from D2L to Canvas

Follow these steps to export a course from D2L, import it into Canvas, and make sure it is student ready.

Pinned Article On Demand Canvas Training Course

Learn how to use the Canvas LMS system.

How do I get started with Canvas?

Top ten things faculty should know in Canvas.

Publishing a Course in Canvas

In order for students to be able to view your course, it must be published.

Canvas Days 2023 - Session Recordings & Resources

A collection of recordings and resources from Canvas Days 2023.