Reporting a Life Event & Changing Your Benefits in Workday

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Workday makes it easy to alert the Office of Human Resources to any life events that might affect your benefits or require changes, such as marriage/divorce, birth or adoption of a child, or gaining or losing other benefits coverage. In Workday, you'll be able to easily update your health, dental, and vision insurance elections as well as adjust any other coverage as appropriate.

Please note that some of these changes may require documentation (such as a birth or marriage certificate), so you may need to wait for this documentation to be verified by the Office of Human Resources prior to finalizing your new benefits elections. The process noted below will show you how to move through the full process, as well as where this verification may come in - please give the Office of Human Resources 3-5 business days to verify documentation.

During Open Enrollment, this is also how you wlil review and update your benefits.

Steps to Report a Coverage Change & Edit Your Benefits

  1. On your home page, click on your app menu or View All Apps
  2. Click on the Benefits app
  3. On the "Change list" (left side), click the Benefits button":
  4. After selecting Benefits, you will see a list of change reasons that you can select
  5. Enter the date or click the calendar icon to find the correct date for the associated event (For example, please provide the date you will lose or gain other coverage, or the date of the birth/adoption of the child, etc.)
    • Now the screen will show you both the deadline by which you must finalize your benefits elections as well as a list what benefits are eligible to be changed. You will be able to complete your selection anytime before the deadline, and the deadline will also be listed in the inbox item you receive once you submit this information
  6. If a document is required, please attach it here. Feel free to enter any additional details it may be helpful to record. 
  7. Click Submit

At this point, you may need to wait for a member of the Benefits team to verify the uploaded documentation regarding your life change. Once this review is completed, you'll receive an inbox item that will allow you to begin your benefits changes. 

If you are able to proceed, you will see a pop-up that states you are ready to start your new benefits elections. Click Open to begin reviewing the plans and making changes. 


NOTE: All benefits changes will result in an inbox item so that you can easily navigate back to this process if you need to stop before you've completed the task.

Once you're able to begin, click Let's Get Started:

Screenshot of an inbox item to change benefits election showing initiation and due date and "Let's get started" button

Example of an inbox item for benefits changes. You'll see the initiation date, due date, and a "Let's Get Started" button.

  1. The first step of any benefits change will be updating & verifying your tobacco status
  2. Next, you'll be able to move onto changing your benefits - each plan is listed separately and will update you 
    • To add a spouse or dependent to a benefit plan, elect that plan, choose your coverage level, and click Confirm and Continue
    • After confirming your coverage level, you will be taken to a screen to choose which dependents, if any, should also receive coverage. You can also add new dependents from this window.
  3. Once completed, click Review and Sign
  4. Next is a summary of all of your benefits elections, your projected total cost, and an important legal notice. Once you have reviewed this entire page, click the I Accecpt checkbox
  5. Click Submit to finalize your changes
  6. Finally, click Done to complete this task or View [Year] Benefits Statement to review and print a summary of your benefits (this can also be accessed from your main Workday profile, and you can print a summary at any time)


If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources at x1290 or log a question or issue in the Service Center here and a member of the Benefits team will reach out to you.

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