Updating Dependents and Beneficiaries in Workday

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There are a number of ways to view and edit your dependents and beneficiaries in Workday. From your profile page, click on the "Benefits" page to view your full benefits elections. Next to that, there are two more tabs that will show you your current dependents and beneficiaries. You can easily add or edit them from these tabs.

Additionally, whenever you change your benefits (such as for open enrollment), you will be able to add and edit your dependents during that process.

Please note: This process does NOT allow you to change your benefits elections or coverage. If you need to add, drop, or change your benefits coverage relating to a dependent due to a life event, such as marriage/divorce or the birth/adoption of a child, please follow the steps to Report a Life Event in Workday (see Related Articles) and provide appropriate documentation.

Adding Dependents

  1. From your Home Page, click either View All Apps or go to the app menu and click on Benefits
  2. Under Change (the left column), click the Dependents button
    • On this page, you'll be able to see current dependents and their benefits coverage
  3. To add a new dependent, click the Add button at the top of the page
  4. To edit information about a current dependent, click Edit next to that dependent 
  5. You can also use the "Related Actions" button (three dots next to the person's name when you hover over them)

Adding Life Insurance Beneficiaries

  1. From your Home Page, click either View All Apps or go to the app menu and click on Benefits
  2. Under Change (the left column), click the Beneficiaries button
  3. You will be able to see any previously added beneficiaries, and edit their information or delete them from this page.
  4. To add a new beneficiary, click Create a New Beneficiary, then click OK
  5. Add in your beneficiary's information
    • Items with a red asterisk are required - if you do not fill out this information, you will receive an error message from Workday and be unable to "Submit". Required information includes:
      • Legal Name
      • Relationship to you
      • Primary Address
      • Primary Phone
      • Primary Email
      • National ID (Social Security Number for US Citizens/permanent residents; other national IDs are accepted in Workday as well)
    • If you need more time to finish, click Save for Later at the bottom of your page. You will receive an inbox item reminding you to finalize this information with a one-click link to return to this page.
  6. When finished entering all of your beneficiary's information, click Submit

Once your beneficiaries are added, it is CRITICAL to ALSO add them to the specific plans.

  1. Go back to the benefits app, and click on "Benefits" in the Change menu.
  2. The "Change Benefits" screen will appear, and you can select the change reason as "Change Beneficiaries" (add the current date as the "Benefit Event Date")
    • Screenshot of the change benefits window with "Change Beneficiaries" circled
  3. Click "Submit"
  4. You will see a new task pop up, prompting you to change the specific benefit plans requiring beneficiaries. You can click "Open" or "Let's Get Started" to begin, but it will remain in your inbox until it's completed, so you can access this task later or even from your inbox archive once completed to see the details.
  5. Once on the "Change Beneficiaries" screen, you will see the specific plans that allow/require beneficiaries. Click "Manage" under the first plan to begin adjusting/assigning beneficiaries.
    • Please note: the plans that you see depend on what you have already elected for your own coverage. The below image is an example and may not reflect the plans you see in Workday.
    • Scrrenshot of "Change Beneficiaries" screen with the "Manage" link circled
  6. The next screen just confirms which plan you have chosen to assign. Click "Confirm and Continue".
  7. Next, you will see full details about your coverage and sections to select Primary and Secondary Beneficiaries. Click the plus sign in the Primary Beneficiary section to get started.  
    • Primary vs. Secondary beneficiaries
  8. You will see a space where you can type in the name of your added beneficiary or click to search in "Existing Beneficiary Persons".
  9. You must also add a percentage (circled above) next to each beneficiary. The total percentage across all beneficiaries must equal 100%. 
  10. ​​​​​​​When completed, click "Save".
    • Screenshot of specific plan with plus sign circled, "Existing beneficiary" circled in the drop-down menu, and percentage field circled
  11. Once a plan is reviewed, you will see it marked "Reviewed" on your main "Change Beneficiaries" screen. Review all plans and add all beneficiaries needed.
  12. When you are finished reviewing your plans, on the main "Change Beneficiaries" page, click "Review and Submit"
    • Screenshot of "Change Beneficiaries" window with one of two plans reviewed
  13. You will be taken to a summary screen. You must scroll through this entire screen and read the Electronic Signature Statement at the bottom. Click the checkbox that says "I accept", then click "Submit".
    • Screenshot of electronic signature statement with "I Accept" checkbox circled​​​​​​​
  14. You are now finished the full process! Another summary screen appears that has a "Print" button at the bottom but can also be exported to PDF for your records.


For questions, please reach out to the Benefits team. If you are having issues with Workday, please report that issue here for assistance.

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