Resources related to benefits and wellness opportunities offered by SJU.

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Benefits Changes & Updates

This section has FAQs and screenshots about how to review, update, and change your benefits, such as submitting a life event, designtating beneficiaries, or updating your HSA contribution.

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Pinned Article How much comes out of each paycheck? Benefits deductions FAQs

This article explains when different insurance deductions are taken out and when some aren't.

Pinned Article When do my benefits terminate if I leave the University?

If you are leaving the University, this article will provide details on your benefit terminations & next steps.

Getting Assistance with Claims and Healthcare Questions

Health Advocate is a FREE resource for all employees to assist in resolving claims issues and handling other healthcare questions or concerns, such as finding a new doctor or specialist. You do not need to be enrolled in SJU medical plans to take advantage of this service.

How do I access my HSA directly?

Directions to access employee's health savings account where you can view your current HSA balance, review transactions, request reimbursements, and more.

Benefits Plan Summaries (SBCs) & Resources

This article has links to all of the Plan Summary Benefits & Coverage (SBC) documents, Medicare Part D information, and summary annual reports for the SJU retirement & flexible spending plans. It also contains information and links to documents regarding the No Surprises Act.