Use these resources to understand all the tools Canvas has to offer. Implementing these tools can lead to an improved student experience as well as additional ease of use for instructors.

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Announcements are messages that you can post for the entire class (or select groups) to see. They are helpful for communicating course changes, reminders, and more.


The Canvas calendar can organize both assignment due dates and tasks.

Canvas Commons

The Canvas Commons is a resource sharing space to find modules, assignments, and more that have been created and shared by other Canvas users.

Course Settings

Customizing Course Settings can be necessary in some instances. In other instances, it is a way to improve the course experience for instructors and students.


Creating Groups in Canvas gives the instructor the opportunity create student workgroups and group assignments.


Course Outcomes can be used to assess student learning and tie assignments to programmatic standards.


Designing Rubrics in Canvas can improve grading experiences for instructors and students. Rubrics can also be tied to Outcomes and Student Mastery tracking.

Course Front Page

Setting a Course Front Page is a simple way to improve the student experience by providing them with the most necessary information and navigation from the first screen they see in the course.


Canvas allows instructors to upload the Syllabus to a specific page, which makes it easy to find for students. This is also the place to create a Course Summary - a list of all events and due dates for the course.

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Adding Users to Your Course

Use the "People" page within a course to add other instructors or TA's.

Canvas Speed Grader

SpeedGrader is a way of quickly seeing student submissions and assigning grades directly in Canvas.

Canvas To-Do List

Learn more about the To-Do List feature on the Canvas Dashboard.