Updating Chosen Name

Updating your Chosen Name

Saint Joseph’s University recognizes that many in the University community use a name other than their legal name. As long as the use of a chosen name is not for the purposes of misrepresentation, the University acknowledges that a chosen name should be used whenever possible in the course of University business and education.

Therefore, Saint Joseph's University will permit any person who wishes to choose to identify themselves within the University’s information systems with a Chosen name in addition to their legal name. It is further understood that the chosen name should be used in University communications and reporting, except where the use of the legal name is necessitated by university business or legal requirements.

*Note: Changes to the Chosen First Name may take up to 24 hours to propagate to all systems.

How do students update their chosen name?

  1. You can update your chosen name by logging into the Nest and accessing the School Services tab. Find the Administrative Services menu on the right hand side, click the Personal Information menu to expand it and click the General Profile link.
  2. Select Personal information on the menu button that displays.
  3. In the Personal Details box, you will see a blue Edit button. Click the Edit button to open the menu and change your Chosen Name.

How do employees update their chosen name?

  1. You can update your Chosen Name in Workday. To access Workday, log into the Nest, navigate to the Employee tab, and click on the Workday icon.
  2. Access your Profile by clicking on your image in the upper right hand corner and clicking View Profile. On the menu on the left hand side, click Personal.
  3. Select Names.
  4. Under Preferred Name, select the Edit button. Uncheck the Use Legal Name as Preferred Name checkbox, update the First Name click the Submit button.

Where will my chosen name appear?

Your chosen name will be used when your legal name is not absolutely necessary. Below you will find a table of where you should expect to see your Chosen name or legal name.

Chosen Name

Legal Name

Google suite (Email, Calendar, Shared documents)

Benefits information

Student menu (The Nest)


Class Roster (The Nest)


Canvas learning management system

National Student Loan Clearinghouse

Starfish advising system

Student menu (The Nest)

University Directory



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