Passwordless Sign-in with Microsoft Authenticator

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What is Passwordless Sign-in?

The Microsoft Authenticator app can be used to sign in to any SJU service that uses Azure without using a password.  People who enabled phone sign-in from the Microsoft Authenticator app see a message that asks them to tap a number in their app. No username or password is asked for. 

Setting up Microsoft Authenticator

Open the Microsoft Authenticator app and browse to your setup for SJU. 

If the app is not installed, instructions for enrolling this app for Azure MFA can be found here: Enroll in Azure MFA

Click Enable phone sign-in.

Click Continue.

Sign in to Azure with your SJU email address.

Approve the sign in request within the app.

Register your device.

Once registered, you may authenticate using passwordless sign-in with the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Sign in with Microsoft Authenticator

Enter your SJU email address and click Next.

On the Microsoft Authenticator app, select the matching number presented to you on the Azure login screen in your browser.  This will complete the sign in.


 Press Touch ID if necessary to finalize the sign-in process.

You are now signed in with passwordless authentication.

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