Enroll in Azure MFA with a Security Key

Enroll with a Hardware Token (Yubikey)

Yubikey requires the Yubico Authenticator app to be installed to work in tandem with the hardware key.  Download and install the Yubico Authenticator app.

To register the Yubikey, browse to https://aka.ms/mfasetup check the box for Authenticator app or Token and click Set up Authenticator app.

When the window pops up to configure the mobile app, click “Configure app without notifications” and launch the Yubico Authenticator app.

Click Add then Scan, and the app will read the QR code on the screen. If needed, click Manual and enter the code on the screen.  Once complete the Issuer will show as Microsoft and your email address will be listed under the Account Name.  Leave the “require touch” box checked to require pressing the Yubikey to reveal the passcode each time.

Click Verify on the Microsoft window.  Touch the Yubikey to present the passcode and enter the passcode in the Microsoft window and click Verify.

Once validation is complete, ensure your default Azure MFA option is set to Use verification code from the app and click Save at the bottom.

Your enrollment with the Yubikey hardware token is now complete.



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