Managers: Submitting a Team Member's Resignation in Workday


As a manager, you have the ability to upload the resignation letter and information for one of your team members. Both you and your team member have critical items that must be completed prior to the employee's last day, so uploading an employee's notice of resignation to Workday as soon as possible is important. Whether it is a formal document or a printout of an email, a resignation letter from your team member should include:

  • Their last day/date of work (e.g. "Friday, August 18, 2023")
  • Their reason for resigning, and
  • If they have multiple positions at the University, whether they are resigning from all positions

As a manager, you can only begin the process for the employee to end their position on your team. If the employee is planning on leaving the University entirely, including other positions they hold that don't report to you directly, please make sure to note that in the Workday comments and encourage the employee to communicate with their other managers to begin that resignation process as well.

Employees can upload their own resignation letters to Workday - for instructions on that process, see the link listed in "Related Articles" on the right sidebar. If an employee submits their own letter in Workday, it will first come to you for review/approval (this is to ensure you and the employee have had the appropriate conversations about their notice and you are fully aware of that submission). You must "submit"/approve this task in Workday as soon as possible, as the notification does not get sent to Human Resources until that is completed.

Once you submit the resignation letter or approve your employee's resignation letter in Workday, Human Resources is notified and will begin processing this information. You and your team member will receive further notifications from Workday with tasks to complete before their final day of work.

If your employee submitted notice on or after their last day of work, please reach out to the Office of Human Resources directly. You will not be able to upload the letter of resignation in Workday. Please reach out to and include the pertinent information, and we will begin processing the resignation directly.

Uploading a Team Member's Resignation

  1. Go to your team member's profile and click "Actions". From there, hover over the "Job Change" menu and click "End Jobs":
    • Workday Screenshot of profile and actions menu
  2. This will take you to a screen that lists all of the employee's positions at SJU. Please select the position(s) that the employee is resigning from (you will only be able to select positions you supervise) and click "OK".
    • Screenshot of the "End Jobs" screen for managers
  3. On the next screen, you must enter the employee’s primary reason for leaving as well as the “Termination Date” – the last day they will be in the position. Entering this date will automatically populate the “Last Day of Work” and “Pay Through Date”. If you have any questions or believe those dates should be different, please reach out to Human Resources and put detailed comments at the bottom of this page.
    • Screenshot of the "End Jobs" details screen with termination date
  4. You must also attach the employee’s letter of resignation to this page, which can be an email or other attachment from the employee stating their: last day of work, primary reason for resigning, and if they have multiple positions at SJU, which specific positions they are leaving (or all positions). Please choose “Resignation” for the “Document Category”, then click “OK”:
    • Document category
  5. This will take you to a confirmation screen and send the information to Human Resources. You can click "Done" or simply navigate to a new screen and Human Resources will begin processing the information submitted.


If you have any questions, please reach out to the Office of Human Resources at or 610-660-1290

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