macOS Date/Time Sync Issue

Symptom: The date and time on macOS devices is not syncing correctly; date/time are incorrect.

Workaround: I.T. removed its control of the date and time settings on SJU-managed devices, so the date and time can be set manually. If you are still unable to change the date and time settings, check for updates in the Managed Software Center application.

Resolution: Follow these steps to give the date/time settings a hard reset:

  1. Open the Terminal application and type in or copy/paste the following command and press Enter:
    sudo rm /var/db/timed/
    You will be asked to type in your password and press Enter. (Note that your password will not show on the screen while typing.)

  2. Restart your computer via the Apple logo in the upper-left.

  3. Check your date and time settings to make sure 1) it is set to automatic and 2) the date and time are now correct with automatic syncing turned on.

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