Migrating OneDrive data to Google Drive

Migrating OneDrive data to Google Drive

This article will explain how to migrate your PA College OneDrive data to SJU's Google Workspace. Once you have performed this migration, you should discontinue use of OneDrive for storage. If you continue saving files to OneDrive, you will need to be sure to migrate them again.

Note: this process must be completed onsite or through VDI please follow the steps in a different article linked here if you are not on-site.


  1. Prepare Your OneDrive Files in O: Drive.

    First, make sure all the files you want to transfer are organized in your O:drive. Create folders and arrange your files neatly so you can easily find them later.

    Organizing One Drive

  2. Sign into your SJU Google Account

    Go to Google Drive and sign in using your SJU account credentials, if prompted for multi-factor authentication, accept the push, enter a one-time passcode or select phone call. 
  3. Create a New Folder in Google Drive

    On your Google Drive homepage, click on the "+ New" button on the left-hand side and select "Folder." Give your new folder a name; for example, you can call it "OneDrive Migration"

  4. Open both O:Drive and Google Drive side by side

    Arrange your computer screen so you can see both your O: Drive window and your Google Drive window at the same time. This will make it easier to drag and drop files between them.

  5. Drag and drop your files

    In your O: Drive window, select all the folders and/or files you want to transfer. Click and hold on a file, then drag it over to the corresponding folder in your Google Drive window. Drop the file into the new folder you created.

    Repeat this process for all the files and folders you want to move. You can also drag entire folders from OneDrive to your Google Drive folder.
    OneDrive to Google Drive side by side image
  6.  Check your Google Drive contents

    Once you've transferred all the files, go back to your Google Drive and open the "OneDrive Migration" folder. Make sure all your files are there and organized just as you want them.

    To mitigate complications, consider these best practices:
  • Shorten File Paths: Try to keep file and folder names reasonably short and avoid excessively deep nesting.
  • Organize and Clean Up: Before migrating, clean up your O: Drive by organizing files, removing unnecessary items, and renaming files or folders with special characters
  • Involve IT Support: If you encounter challenges during the migration, ​​​​​​please contact the Technology Service Center at 610.660.2920.
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