How to adjust your home page (Windows 10 only)

University computers being deployed with Windows 10 will have changes to how their home pages will be affected.  The following list of browsers that we deploy will explain to what extent you'll be able to change your home page. 

Internet Explorer

The home page is set to

This cannot be changed.


The home page is set to

This cannot be changed.


The home page is initially set to when a user launches Chrome for the very first time.  It can be updated by the user, and it will remain the new home page that they've set. This is a per-user change, and will not affect other user's home pages if they were to log into the same computer. 


This setting is set each and every time a user launches Firefox to

Users do have the ability to change the home page, but when they exit out of their session (close all tabs), the home page will revert back to


We recommend that if users require quick access to a certain web page, that they create a bookmark or favorite for each browser.  


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