Managed Software Center

Icon for the Managed Software Center application. Managed Software Center provides an App Store-like interface for installing software and important security updates on most University-owned Mac computers. You'll find the icon to launch Managed Software Center in the left side of the Dock. 


When Managed Software Center is opened, you'll be presented with the Software page. Click any software icon or title to see a description of that item, including whether an individual license purchase is required. Click Install to immediately download and install an application. Click Remove to uninstall an application that is already installed. 


The Categories page displays subsets of the available applications filtered by type: Communication, Mathematics, Multimedia, Productivity, Reference, Security, Text Editors, Utilities and Web Browsers.

My Items

Applications that you've installed will be listed on the My Items page. This is page most useful for quickly identifying installed applications that you'd now like to remove. 


Important security updates from Apple and SJU IT will appear on the Updates page. Occasionally a critical update must be installed by a deadline. These updates are featured with red text and will prompt for installation with increasing frequency until the deadline arrives, at which point you will be automatically logged out. 

If your Mac is encrypted, you might see this dialog box when installing updates that require a restart:

It is recommended that you provide your password and click the Allow button.

Upgrading to the Latest macOS

macOS upgrades, when approved for release, will always appear listed in the top left position of the Software page.

Please see this article for more information about OS upgrades.


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