Quickly Adjust Due Dates on Imported Classes

If you’re teaching a course you taught in the past, you’re probably familiar with Canvas’s import tool. It lets you copy content from class to class and makes re-teaching courses a breeze.


Adjust Events and Due Dates

However, when importing a class, have you noticed the option to “Adjust events and due dates”? If you select this option and enter the new class’s beginning and ending dates, Canvas will automatically shift the event and due dates for the new semester.

Sounds great, right? But, since each semester calendar is never the same as the last, you’ll have to manually tweak due dates to the new schedule.

Now, you could go into each event and assignment, hit edit, and type in new due dates…if you had the time and wanted to do lots of clicking. Or, – and this is where the magic happens – you could use Canvas Calendar to quickly drag and drop events and assignments into the correct dates.

How to Use Calendar to Adjust Due Dates:

  1. While in the new course, click on the Calendar icon in the left-hand menu.
  2. Un-select every calendar except for the class where you want to shift dates in the menu on the right. You can select and un-select calendars by clicking on the little colored squares.
  3. Click on events or assignments and drag them to the correct dates.

That’s all there is to it. Canvas will automatically save the changes and your new class will have the correct dates!

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