SJU Google Shared Drives FAQs

Why should I use a Google Shared Drive?

  • Collaboration – SJU Google Shared Drive offers a familiar space for file storage with a folder structure specific to your team or project
  • Reliability – Files stored in a SJU Google Shared Drive are owned by the Shared Drive, not an individual. When an individual departs from SJU, those files will still be accessible by the team.
  • Unlimited Storage – SJU Google Shared Drives have unlimited storage space

How do I create a Google Shared Drive?

Instructions for creating a Google Shared Drive can be found here.

How should I name my Google Shared Drive?

SJU Information Technology has provided the following guidelines for naming your Google Shared Drive.

Since shared drives are not automatically associated with a department, college, or group, we recommend that you adopt a naming convention that includes a unit identifier. For example:

  • Advancement_Share
  • ITBudgets_Share
  • CAS_Admins

How do I access my Google Shared Drive?

You can access your Shared Drive by clicking the Drive icon within the apps menu in Google.


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