Report a Cable TV Problem

What is it?

SJU provides Cable TV services and technical support of the service for all on campus student residences, SJU-owned off campus apartments (excluding Lancaster Court) and select labs and classrooms throughout the main campus and Maguire campus. Since 2013, the University has utilized Campus Televideo as the cable TV provider.

Who can use it?

This service is available to all faculty, staff, and students of the University. 

Where can I access this service?

Cable TV Services are available in all on campus student residences and select labs and classrooms. If you have attempted to setup your Cable TV following the instructions found in our Knowledge Base and still cannot get it to work, click the "Report a Problem" button on the right.



Report a Problem


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Fri 8/21/15 3:33 PM
Tue 7/7/20 2:31 PM