Club or Organization Website

What is it?

As a registered student organization at Saint Joseph's University, you have the opportunity to request a website, free of charge.  Complete the site request form by clicking the green button on the right.  


  • You must get approval from the Office of Student Leadership and Activities (3rd Floor, Campion) before you submit this request.

  • We will always use your assigned student organization email address to contact you. Please check this address for updates or changes.

  • Your homepage cannot be a forward to another website. Approved space requests will be assigned a WordPress website.

  • Your SJU user name and password will be the way to log in once your request for space has been approved.

Who can use it?

Students that have a registered student organization and have approval from the Office of Student Leadership and Activities.

Where can I access this service?

Click the green Request Service button to the right.

Request Site


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