Canvas Commons Group Request

What is it?

Canvas Commons is a learning object repository that enables educators to find, import, and share course resources. A digital library full of educational content, Commons allows Canvas users to share learning resources with other users as well as import learning resources into a Canvas course. Commons can be used to share a range of Content from complete courses down to a single image.  Groups allow for a more discreet sharing of content among a small group of Canvas instructors.

A Canvas Commons Group is an access list that permits faculty and staff to limit visibility of shared resources in Canvas Commons. Each Canvas Commons Group has a Group Manager and proxy.  The group manager and group proxy should not be the same person.  A Group Manager (and/or group proxy) is responsible for maintaining the groups membership list once the Canvas group has been created. Members of the list can select this list for sharing resources within Canvas.

SJU recommendations when using Canvas Commons for the management of online course masters:

  1. If the course is part of a program, the program director or chair should identify a program or departmental admin for canvas.
  2. Determine if you’d like to use groups to manage your course masters.
    1. If using groups, complete the Commons Group Service Request.
  3. Once a course master has been approved upload that master to the commons following your departments naming convention (suggested: Subject_Course Number_Online_Master_Version Number) 
  4. Distribute Instructions and commons course name to instructors at least two weeks prior to the start of the term. (See below for link to instructions)

Who can use it?

All SJU Faculty members.

Where can I access this service?

You can request your group be created by clicking the green button in the upper right corner that reads "Request a Group".

Request A Group

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