Microsoft Access Database Share Drive

What is it?

Completed in the summer of 2020, on-campus network shares and data were migrated to our University Google Drives. Previously, SJU users would request access to individual faculty/staff or departmental network shares in order to store any SJU-related data. There is, however, a continued need to store Microsoft Access databases in an on-campus environment due to compatibility issues with executing them from a Google Shared Drive.  

Who can use it?

This service is only available for approved staff with University-related Microsoft Access databases that are also shared with other users in the same department. A departmental share drive will be utilized for storing these files and only approved members of the same department will be granted access. Any Access files that are used by only one person are to be stored and run on that user's SJU issued computer. 

Where can I access this service?

Click the green Request Service button to the right.

***This request should be submitted by a Banner Security Officer


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