New Installation or Activation of a Data Jack/Network Port

What is it?

The Office of Information Technology maintains an extensive computing and communications network on all SJU campuses.  This infrastructure includes network outlets, wiring, the campus core network, data center networks, and dedicated access to various external networks. 

Through this network, members of the community can directly access network-based resources using wired jacks supporting various data rates.

Who can use it?

This service is available to all Faculty, Staff and students of the University. 

Where can I access this service?

Wired data jacks are available in several of the university computer labs and technology classrooms.  Each dorm is equipped with one jack per bed as well as in common areas (where applicable).  

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Activate Data Jack Install Data Jack


Service ID: 9816
Tue 7/28/15 2:02 PM
Wed 7/19/23 2:10 PM

Service Offerings (2)

New Data Jack Installation
To request that a new data jack be installed, please click the "Request Service" link to the right.