Withdrawing from a Course

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A student who wishes to withdraw from a course after the add/drop period must complete a Withdrawal from a Course Form. A student withdrawing with appropriate permission will receive a W on his/her transcript. A student who stops attending class without appropriate permission will receive the grade VF/FA (a VF and a FA count as a F grade when calculating your GPA).

Steps to request a withdrawal from a class before the deadline to withdraw:

  • Complete the Withdrawal from Course form, indicating your reason for the request to withdraw
  • All students must sign section two of the form (a physical signature is required)
  • Undergraduate Day, PLS and HDC must meet with your faculty advisor and obtain his/her recommendation/signature for withdrawal
    • HSB undergraduate day students may substitute a signature from the HSB advising center for their advisor's signature
    • Graduate students do not need to have this signature
  • Undergraduate Day students please take the form to your advising center (CAS Barbelin 117 or HSB Mandeville 150)
  • PLS students please take the form to the PLS office (Barbelin 117)
  • HDC students please take the form to the HDC office (fax to 610-660-1599 or email to Haubadult@sju.edu)
  • Graduate and Doctoral students submit through Service Catalog

Note:  Please see the SJU Academic Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Schedule for the last day to withdraw from a course for the current semester.

The date the University receives the notice of withdrawal shall in all cases be considered the day of withdrawal. Withdrawal from any course without official notice will result in the recording of VF/FA in that course. A student withdrawing prior to the official withdrawal deadline will receive a grade of W.

After the published course withdrawal period has ended, an Extraordinary Withdrawal must be requested. An Extraordinary Withdrawal may be granted to a student who is unable to complete a course but did not withdrawal by the published course withdrawal deadline.

Students granted an Extraordinary Withdrawal will receive a grade of “W” for withdrawn course work, which will appear on the academic transcript.

Extraordinary Withdrawals are at the discretion of, and must be approved by, the Associate Dean of the student's college. The Extraordinary Withdrawal Form must be provided by the Associate Dean to the Office of the Registrar; students cannot submit the form.


Withdrawing from all Courses

An Undergraduate Day student wishing to withdraw from all classes must submit a Withdrawal from all Classes Form within the withdrawal period, which ends two weeks after the end of the quarter. When a student withdraws from all classes he/she is still considered an active student for the semester of the withdrawal.

Non-Undergraduate Day students should submit a Withdrawal from a Course Form for all current classes.


In no case will a withdrawal be permitted after the last day of the semester.

For more information on how a course withdrawal may impact your financial aid please review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

For more detailed information regarding withdrawal policy view the University Academic Catalog.

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