Excel and Respondus

The use of Excel with the Respondus LockDown Browser with calculator causes problems when used with new quizzes. 

To reset or disable the new quiz option in a course:

1. the faculty member will need to go to the course link for Settings. 

2. Then the "Feature Options" Tab and click the green check box next to New Quizzes.  Turning off New quizzes at the course level will override the ability to create quizzes of the "New Quiz" type in that course.  It will not impact existing quizzes "New" or "Classic.

Student Instructions for Classic Quizzes

Canvas is not the best place to go for Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor support. Respondus is a third-party tool and not officially supported by Canvas. Therefore, we recommend you reach out to Respondus directly if you run into any issues

Student Support for Respondus: 

Instructor Support for Respondus (you will need to create an account with Respondus to submit a ticket)


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