Better manage the test environment using Respondus, through a combination of LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor. Browser lockdown discourages cheating by not allowing students to visit outside websites or to use unauthorized digital resources while taking an exam or quiz. Respondus Monitor is exam proctoring software that uses a computer’s webcam to verify a student’s identity and to monitor a student’s test-taking environment during an exam.

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LockDown Browser Student Experience

Lockdown Browser Student Experience run thru for anyone who would like to understand how this system works.

Using Zoom with Respondus for proctoring

Some instructors may wish to monitor their students over Zoom while an exam is happening in addition to using Respondus. Students are not able to use their desktop version of Zoom while in the LockDown Browser, nor can they open new tabs in the browser, so instructors will have to take a few steps when configuring Respondus for a given exam in order for this to work.