How much comes out of each paycheck? Benefits deductions FAQs

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Calendar Year 2022:

When employees elect benefits and/or an HSA contribution, deductions for each paycheck are calculated automatically and spread out across 24 paychecks.

On a biweekly paycheck calendar, there are 26 pay periods each year, resulting in 2 months with a third paycheck. In the 3rd and final paycheck of those months, benefits like medical, dental, and vision insurance as well as HSA contributions are not taken out of this third paycheck. 

Retirement deductions are based on a percentage and are taken out of every paycheck based on your retirement election.


In January 2023, we will be moving to a true biweekly deduction schedule, so all benefits deductions will be taken out of each paycheck!


You can find full information about the cost of each plan in the benefits guide:


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