Importing a Course from D2L to Canvas


It is possible to export a course from D2L and import it into Canvas. This process works best for courses that have a low to moderate amount of content and complexity. Courses that are very complex may benefit from being built directly in Canvas instead of utilizing the export/import features. Regardless of the complexity of your course, it is normal to have to clean up (checking links, adjusting content, etc.) the course after importing it into Canvas. 


  1. Begin by exporting the course from D2L
  2. Save the export file to your computer
  3. If you are not importing the content into an existing course in Canvas, start a New Course in Canvas
  4. Import the file into Canvas 
  5. After importing, review the course content for accuracy.
    1. This includes resolving any errors shown on your upload screen and validating the links
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